Enviromental Law

environmental law colombia


As the body of law that protects the environment with the different government agencies, Activo Legal ensures our customers not only advisement to achieve the level of compliance that the Colombian government has, as well as we give advice on new strategies that will help to reduce the environmental footprint, as well as measures that will help in case of failing in the compliance.

Our services are:

-Coaching and permanent support for the earning of Enviromental Licenses and any enviromental permit.

-Training and permanent actualization in enviromental normativity.

-Support in different processes an requests of the National Enviromental Authorities.

-Coaching and support during the Enviromental Sancionatory Procedure.

-Enviromental legal advisory.

-Elaboration and actualization of the Legal requirements matrix from legal enviromental regulations.

-Legal Audits.