Colombians abroad may register to the General Pension System

This was determined by Decree 682 issued by the Ministry of Labour

April 8, 2014

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In 1994, Law 146 which adopted the International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and their Families was established. Under this rule the decree 682 which establishes mechanisms of social protection for migrants and their families in Colombia Colombia is born.

Through this decree states that Colombians who reside abroad and do not have the quality of compulsory membership, may voluntarily join the General Pension System as independent under the rules to select and under the rules applicable scheme chosen. They may also include their families, residing in Colombia, as provided in the rules of the system.

Membership would be through the Family Compensation Fund who freely choose the Colombian living abroad. This Family Compensation Fund must operate in the place of residence of his/her family in Colombia.

The contribution to be made by the Colombian wishing to benefit from this system corresponds to 2% of the contribution base income declared, which shall not be less than two Colombian legal monthly minimum wage. This payment should be made through the Comprehensive Form of Liquidation and Contributions PILA, according to the parameters of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection.

So, the membership for both the Colombian residing abroad, and his family residing in Colombia, will generate the right to all of the above advantages and social services of the Family Subsidy System, except for the recognition of share monetary family allowances and benefits of the protection mechanism to unemployed.

Another point of this decree is in the case of the Colombian foreign resident, member of the system, decides to return home: the family compensation fund must have a host for this service in Colombia, for example, programs of reemployment and training, which will run in coordination with the Special Administrative Unit of the Public Employment Service.

For the full decree click here.

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