In 2014 complaints of labor harassment increased

Of the total complaints, 155 applications were filed by women and 146 by men.

May 02, 2014

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According to a report from the Inspection, Monitoring and Control of the Ministry of Labour in the first quarter of this year, 346 applications have been reported by labor harassment, of which 309 were processed.

In the first quarter of 2014 a total of 346 complaints of workplace harassment were submitted to the Ministry of Labour, of which 309 were processed in the remaining 37 there was withdrawal of the complainant.

In 65 of the complaints were in total agreement conciliation stage. In three of them the agreement was partial. In 118 cases were urged to comply with the procedure of mobbing in the work rules, while in 123 the conciliation stage ended without any agreement.

Of the 309 complaints, 155 were from women and 146 were from men. The report also notes that four more complaints came as stock and 1 was trade. The unions filed two.

"When there is no compliance, the Ministry may impose sanctions, but the key is to resolve issues through settlement agreements", said Patricia Marulanda, director of Inspection, Monitoring and Control.

She further highlighted the coexistence committees are fundamental instruments of dialogue to solve the problems caused by bullying companies.

According to information of Mintrabajo, in 2013 the Directorate of Inspection, Monitoring and Control received 361 complaints of workplace harassment , compared to 1,220 registered in 2012 .

It is important to remember that, according to Law 1010 of 2006 , bullying is considered as any persistent and demonstrable behavior, applied to the employee by an employer, a boss or immediate supervisor, co-worker or a subordinate, aimed at instilling fear, intimidation, terror and anguish, cause job loss which generates no motivation at work and may even cause the resignation.

Complaints of harassment can occur in labor inspections in the country, and through the mechanism of Citizen Support, among other tools has line 120 - dialing from any phone - operator to meet the requirements citizens.

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