Gold to those who denounce location or illegal exploitation of the mineral

Implemented new tactics to attack illegal mining

May 19, 2014

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The community or citizen who provides information on illegal mining, which in turn allows seize physical gold as a reward wolud receive up to 10 percent of the ore seized.

This was announced by the President, Juan Manuel Santos, committing the Government established the reward for people who provide information about places where illegal gold mining is practiced.

"We have taken the decision to offer a reward of up to 10 percent of the gold seize due to complaints of communities and citizens," said the president.

The purpose of the award is to provide an incentive to allow combat the crime of illegal gold mining, which causes irreparable damage to the country's water systems, plus deforestation and alteration of soils and subsoils of territories which, in many cases, are protected.

"I hope this would be an important modality to combat the crime that is now having devastating consequences for the entire country, in every sense," Santos said.

No one who denounces the act of performing illegal mining would receive the reward. Authorities also contemplated deliver to citizens who provide information about where illegal gold is stored.

Although the reward input is a pretty tempting proposition, issues such as the safety of those who provide information are issues that make them think, that alarms on the desirability of implementing measures gimmicky mood, but lack of study, planning and monitoring and evaluation tools.

In this regard, the President anticipated that already agreed jointly with the Commissioner of Police, General Rodolfo Palomino, the way he or informants can receive the payment, while reiterating that "we have to fight all means this type of crime”.

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