For Activo Legal Ltda is a big fortune to count with the best human resource that makes possible to accomplish with high quality and commitment the daily duties.

. In Activo Legal we had managed to choose the best specialists in each legal expertice. That under the direction of two successful lawyers and supported in the administrative and communications departments, each day they accomplish bigger and trustworthy goals.

Martín J. Sanchez Esquivel


John A. Rojas Quimbayo

Partner and Consultant


john rojas

Partner and General Manager
Lorena Fonseca


Fernanda Bohórquez
lorena fonseca

Associate Senior , Legal Services Manager


fernanda bohorquez

Legal Assistant
Natalia Angarita
Alan Rothstein
Natalia Angarita

Associate Junior, Attorney
Alan Rothstein

Associate Junior, Attorney 
Rafael Guerrero
Ricardo García 
rafael guerrero

Associate Junior, Attorney
Ricardo Garcia


Associate Senior, Labor Attorney
Carlos Andrés Posada


Fabián Esquivel

carlos posada
Legal Assistant


fabian esquivel

Legal Assistant

Catalina Arias



carlos posada
Legal Assistant



Sandra Patricia Rodríguez


Yency Carrera Torres
sandra rodriguez

Auditorial Manager


yency carrera
Auditorial Assistant
Jairo Cárdenas
José Fuentes
jairo cardenas

Engineer Auditor




jose fuentes

Associate Attorney. Auditor



José Cristancho
Madeleyne Navarro Daza
jose cristancho
Engineer. Auditor
madeleyne navarro
Jonathan Smith Rincón
Luz Marina Escorcia
jonathan rincon

Associate Senior, Commercial Attorney. Auditor
luz escorcia

Associate Senior, Environmental Attorney. Auditor
Ana Isabel Burgos
Felipe Bernal 
Isabel Burgos

Associate Senior, State Law Attorney. Auditor
felipe bernal

Associate Senior, Environmental Attorney. Auditor
Luis Diego Castiblanco
Andrés Parra
luis castiblanco
andres parra

Engineer. Auditor
Diana Cardoso
Caludia Rangel 
diana cardoso

Accountant. Auditor
claudia rangel
Marketing Manager

Lina Hernández
lina hernandez

Senior Associate, Attorney. Auditor


Mateo Amaya Quimbayo


Manuela Bustamante

mateo amaya
Comunications Director 


manuela bustamante
Media Manager
Christian Puentes
christian puentes
Communication Assistant


departamento administrativo
The administrative, finantial and accounting management is in charge of the support process in purchasing human resourse, logistics and every item related to administrative tasks and in the finantial and accounting area all the main labors of facturations, on time payments, resourse asignement, and the adquisition of fundamental assents for the boureu functioning; this area is also in charge of mailing and other related activities that are the base of the functioning of Activo Legal Ltda.