By providing you the best services through our expert lawyers and professionals, Activo Legal Ltda. offers coaching services to interested people that works in different fields of law.

conferencias legales


One of the main features foundations of our firm is the constant building of reliability though knowledge. That is why we offer a complete package of coaching. The speakers are expert lawyers and we will train the personnel in:


How to ensure legal shielding in the day to day basis when you work with contractors.

Recruitment: different legal ways to hire personnel with all the legal coverage

Labor Law basics in Colombia

Associated workers and their special legal features

Health and Security legal frame work

Recruitment though Temporaries

Insight to the Social Security System

What is the level of responsibility of the legal guardian in a company regarding professional diseases

Health and Security laws in Colombia

How to make a proper public contract?

Corporate Law basics in patents

Corporate Law basics in Trademark

Corporate Law basics in Market Competition

Copyright Law

Corporate Law basics in Insurance

Legal framework of the Civil Liability Regime

Legal framework for heavy machinery operations

Legal framework for the transportation of dangerous goods

Legal framework for the transportation of over-sized cargo.

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