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One of the main challenges of the companies is to keep up to date with the legal actions and behaviors of the contractors, no matter what activity or service their perform. That is why Activo Legal designed a tool for pointing, preventing, and controlling any legal issue that might interrupt the development of the company's activity, mostly concerning HSE, Labor and Corporate matters and Social Responsibility topics. 

Activo Legal has taken the Legal Audits in these topics to the next level in Colombia and with the goal of executing legal control over the contractors of the companies. The firm has developed software to complete the legal audit service. This online tool provides a higher level of control and information flow between the companies and the contractors. 

This software will make the development of the audits efficient and and will improve the communication between the customer, the auditors and the contactors and allows the company to verify the findings in real time.

It also gives all the statistics and the evaluations in a matter of seconds. The main purpose is that the decision making process becomes a responsible and accurate process for the ones that have the tool.


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