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Activo Legal Ltda will be the legal department of the company that purchase this service, guaranteeing permanent advisement and support with the main purpose of safeguarding the interests and rights of the client, without generating any kind of pressure due to obligations with professional experts of the different specialties required to run a company in a legal-safe way. We will advise the company in:

Labor Law

Environmental Law

Oil and Gas Law

Mining Law

Health and Security Law

Corporate Law

Administrative Law

Tax Law

We have identified as a main issue for becoming a successful company that gives the expected results, the prevention of legal inconveniences, the careful management of recruiting, and the legal features and intervention in all productive areas of the customer or in execution of their commercial activities; in the quest for juridical prevention, the firm develops:


This activity consists in the diagnosis of the juridical needs of the company in Industrial Security, Labor and Social Security Law. After this activity ifs finished, Activo Legal will send a complete report to the customer with complete information about the current status and future activities to prevent and correct issues that can turn into problematic subjets in a medium – long term period.
With the actual procedures from the company as the basis and with the needs identified in the report, Activo Legal will provide a new design for different procedures that the company needs: Procedure of identification of legal requirements in Environment and Occupational Health.Procedure for hiring any legal entities if there is an intention of formalizing a commercial relation. Procedure of contracting a natural person through an employment contract Procedure for contracting legal entities that provide services and products supplies. Procedure of contracting with clients Cooperative Code or of fair management.
After developing the procedures, according to the requirements of the company the next step will be socialize the plan´s implementation to all the people that are interested in this legal coaching, corresponding to the respective staff with lectures form 16 to 8 hours which depend on the specific needs and timing of the staff involved. After this activity is finished we will perform legal actualizations and advisement on the new legislations and changes in the codes provided form the executive and the legislative branch.
During the time of execution of this proposal, we will be the permanent advisor of the company in the performance and execution of the legal requirements of the companies activity in the following aspects: Pre and post contract phase in the commercial and labor matters. Coaching of 16 monthly hours with the following and dedication from a lawyer with experience in the topics the company needs, according to the requirements of the company. According to the necessities of the company Activo Legal will provide permanent assistance of legal security and workers health requirements. The firm will develop legal concepts in Industrial Security Law and Occupational Health, Commercial Law, Labor Law and Social Security Law. Supporting the Company in the registration of patents and brands.
Activo Legal will provide advice in the development of the different lawsuits and other juridical procedures One will consult the client´s company in the development of the different juridical processes, administrative investigations and disputes which can rise up in defense of your interests and rights. (You will not find included juridical representation in none of the processes. The consultancy concept restricts itself to the report of the stage of processes and possible solutions and probable legal proceeding expectations. The juridical representation will cause separate fees.)



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