gestion ambiental

As the result of the partnership between Activo Legal and Ecodes Ingeniería, we can perform as the Sustainable Environmental Management and Planning Department of our customers.

This department became mandatory in all companies with the decree 1299, and its main purpose is to fulfill the Colombian law in terms of Environmental policies and deliver this responsibility in two companies that will ensure the proper development of this area with minimum costs:

- Acomplishment of government expectations regarding environmental compliance.

- Engage the environmental topics to the day to day basis activities in the company.

- Reduce the environmental footprint through the creation of strategies that fit the companies processes as well as the companies Social Responsibility.

Give the company executives management tools to start environmental procedures in all the levels

- Improve the environmental management and policies of the company

Coach all the people involved in the development of the activities of the company in environmental policies 

Keep updated reports of the legal regulations that might impact the behaviors of the companies activity

Having this service in your company will ensure the best legal and technical advice on environment that will give you the certainty of the compliance of all legal and environmental terms, as well as the best advisement for the creation of new policies to reduce the environmental footprint. 


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